A little about us??
Alpacas are amazing creatures, easy to care for and gentle on the environment.   

They have soft, padded feet that don't tear up pasture land.  

They use a communal dung pile which is a breeze to clean up, and alpacas don't tear down fences.  

They "hum" softly rather than baa, maa, bray, or bawl.  

They produce an abundance of fiber each year that is able to be processed without harsh chemicals.
What do you do with Alpacas?
Alpacas are raised for their luxurious fiber.  They produce
several pounds of soft, warm insulating fiber which is shorn
each year.  
Our Business:
Why Alpacas?
Sandy Acres Alpacas is a family run business.  My Parents;
Dixie and Bill Mortimer and Steven and Sean Mortimer,
began in early 1995 with two older gelded males, and fell in
love with these stately, unique and gentle animals.  Our herd
has grown over the years and we love every minute of every
day working and raising our Alpacas.
Alpaca Breeding, Sales and Mentoring
Alpaca & Llama Shearing
Ranch sitting and medical care assistance
Hand spun yarn and Hand Made garments from alpaca fiber
Welcome to Sandy Acres Alpacas
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