Sandy Acres Alpacas
Sandy Acres Alpacas, our 3 1/2 acre ranch is located between Riverbank and Escalon,

We purchased our ranch in 1992, at the time we started with a horse and a few dogs.
About 1995, we decided we wanted to do something different.
Just about that time a commercial came on about alpacas.

We started with geldings, and of course we wanted more.  We wanted babies, so we
purchased one pregnant female.  Our goal was to have five females within five years.  
Needless to say, we have exceeded that number.  So instead of quantity, we decided to
concentrate on quality.  We think that we are getting close to that goal.  

Not only have the alpacas given us much pleasure, but it has helped to develop  a new
business.  That is the business of shearing.  Steven tried his hand at shearing and fell in
love with it.  He has a natural ability and was able to turn this skill into a successful
business.  He has now been shearing since 1998 and is as passionate about it today as he
was the day he started.  
If you would like to come check out our alpacas,

Please call for an appointment.

Call 209-988-3396.