Please make sure all the animals are penned up in a small area close to where
we will be shearing PRIOR to us arriving. We will only round up the animals for
an additional fee or reschedule your farm for another day.

If you wish to brush, comb or blow out your animals fleece prior to shearing,
please do so before we arrive or have extra help to do so as I am shearing a
different one.

Have your bags for fiber gathering labeled & ready.

Have all shots ready to go before shearing.

Clean up a flat, shaded area for our shearing station. We will need two very
sturdy anchor points in a spacious area close to where the animals are penned

Communicate any special cuts or shearing requests before we begin.

Have at least two other able bodied folks present to help with shearing. One to
gather the fiber the way you wish (depending on how you would like to separate
the seconds and thirds) & someone who can help us with the rope restraints.